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Slender Sun-orchid
Thelymitra pauciflora s.l.

This species grows in association with the Trim Sun-orchid in the grassland along the Jan Juc cliff top. It is generally much smaller in size and less frequent although seemingly widespread across a number of habitats throughout Victoria. Its taxonomy is under constant revision with a number of new species or forms now recognised as separate to the original species description.
Its occurrence within the grassland at Jan Juc is typical of many wildflowers which rely on open spaces between the native tussock grasses to thrive. Work by Jan Juc Coast Action and the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) are developing maintenance schedules to achieve this.
Like all terrestrial orchids in Victoria this species grows from tubers that are dormant through the hot summer months and which become active with the onset of cooler weather and autumn rains.
Fleshy leaves that are ribbed on the underside from which a slender flower-spike emerges in spring. Pale blue flowers are strongly dependent on hot, sunny conditions to open; often staying closed and self-pollinating.

Indigenous uses as provided by the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation: has an edible bulb at its base.

Plant form
Herb, Grass-like: spreading
Flowering season
Flower colour
Blue, Mauve
Leaf colour
Dark Green
The two sides of the leaf are different colours
Leaf shape
Leaf edge
Required Sunlight
Full Sun
Other Features
Drought tolerant