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Seaberry Saltbush
Rhagodia candolleana ssp. candolleana

A dense, sprawling and scrambling shrub that is common along large stretches of our coastline in sand dunes as well as on coastal cliff tops.It has an ability to withstand regular salt-laden wind off the ocean as well as grow in low soil moisture and shade.
Foliage is semi-succulent and ranging from thin to thick depending on available soil moisture. Leaves are deep green above and paler beneath; oblong to ovate in shape. Leaf margins are gently recurved.
Flowers are inconspicuous but followed by striking pyramidal sprays of shiny red berries that peak in the autumn period.
Silver-eyes feed on the berries (plate 2).

Indigenous uses as provided by the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation: This saltbush has a bitter edible berry which is used to make a pink dye.

Plant form
Flowering season
Spring, Summer, Autumn
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Dark Green
The two sides of the leaf are different colours
Leaf shape
Ovate, Succulent
Leaf edge
Required Sunlight
Semi-shade, Full Sun
Other Features
Drought tolerant, Screening, Erosion control, Bird attracting, Berries