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Sea Box
Alyxia buxifolia

This slow-growing but very beautiful spreading shrub grows on coastal limestone cliffs where it tolerates frontline salt winds and low moisture. A strong stand can be seen at Yellow Bluff in Torquay but it also occurs further south-west along the coast and occasionally a little bit inland.
Leaves are dark glossy green above and pale below; broadly elliptic with a small point at the leaf apex. The leaf margins are smooth (entire).
Flowering begins in mid spring and continues into summer with highly fragrant spiral-shaped white flowers.
Fruits appear in conjunction with flowers as summer continues, producing bright orange-red berries that are often formed in distinctive pairs.
Note: This plant is sometimes confused with the introduced environmental weed, Italian Buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus). Both have dark, glossy green foliage on the upper surface of the leaf and pale below. Both produce berries. However Italian Buckthorn has gently serrated leaf margins toward the apex of the leaf and the mature fruits are slightly smaller and go almost black when mature.

Plant form
Flowering season
Spring, Summer
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Dark Green
The two sides of the leaf are different colours
Leaf shape
Ovate, Elliptic
Leaf edge
Required Sunlight
Full Sun
Other Features
Drought tolerant, Screening, Erosion control, Bird attracting, Fragrant, Insect pollinated, Berries