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Grey Parrot-pea
Dillwynia cinerascens Grey Parrot-pea

Grey Parrot-pea is found in Coastal Heathland along the Jan Juc cliff tops as well as Heathy Woodland further south-west. It is an open, erect shrub to almost a metre in height with greyish foliage. It is tolerant of dry conditions and is generally found in semi-shaded locations and in well-drained soil.
Leaves are narrow-linear, greyish-green, variably smooth or sparsely hairy with a minute tip at the apex.
Flowering begins in late winter-early spring and is the first of the Parrot-peas to flower along the coast. Flowers are yellow and orange borne in terminal or axillary clusters of 1-10; hairy bracts and a sparsely hairy calyx can be clearly seen beneath the petals.

Plant form
Flowering season
Flower colour
Orange, Yellow
Leaf colour
Silver Gray
The two sides of the leaf are different colours
Leaf shape
Leaf edge
Cillate, Entire
Required Sunlight
Other Features
Drought tolerant