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Cypress Daisy-bush
Olearia teretifolia

Cypress Daisy-bush is an erect shrub to about a metre and a half and grows on a mixture of sand and clay; often in loose association with Ironbark (Eucalyptus tricarpa). On our coast it is not present until one gets toward the southern boundary at Southside; as well as parts of the Ironbark Basin and further southwest toward Anglesea. There is also an occurrence further inland at Bellbrae.
Foliage tends to be confined toward younger growth; particularly as the plant matures. Leaves are small, often sticky and closely appressed to the branchlets to give a Cypress-like growth habit.
Flowering occurs in early spring with white flowers that are produced en masse. It makes a striking display in coastal heathland at this time.

Plant form
Flowering season
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Light Green
The two sides of the leaf are different colours
Leaf shape
Leaf edge
Required Sunlight
Full Sun
Other Features
Insect pollinated, Drought tolerant