I found this plant!
Coastal Beard-heath
Leucopogon parviflorus

Highly abundant dune and coastal shrub. Produces a bounty of berries every summer after flowering which are an important food source for many bird species. Can be a sweet treat for humans as well, the ripest berries being bright white, they aren't much of a meal however as they are 90% pip.

The shrub itself is relatively slow growing and can be stunted to almost a bonsai in exposed areas, or up to 4m high in sheltered sites. Leaves are stiff and pointed, dark green above and lighter below. New growth is visibly lighter in colour. White flowers have fine hairs on the petals (hence the 'Beard').

Indigenous uses as provided by the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation: The fruits of this plant are edible (if you can beat the Seagulls).

Plant form
Flowering season
Spring, Winter
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Light Green, Dark Green
Both sides of the leaf are one colour
Leaf shape
Lanceolate, Elliptic
Leaf edge
Required Sunlight
Semi-shade, Full Sun
Other Features
Bird attracting