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Coast Fan-flower
Scaevola albida

This prostrate herb can be found in dense clumps along parts of our ocean clifftop where it typically takes on a pioneer role by colonising exposed,bare ground both within the grassland and in coastal heathland. Although it tolerates long periods of low moisture it sometimes will die back only to re-shoot again with the next rains.
Leaves vary from elliptic to obovate with margins that are entire or toothed.
Flowers are distinctively shaped into a fan and can vary in colour from white through to mauve. The flowering peak is in mid spring but flowers may appear into early summer.

Plant form
Groundcover, Herb
Flowering season
Spring, Summer
Flower colour
White, Mauve
Leaf colour
Light Green, Dark Green
Both sides of the leaf are one colour
Leaf shape
Obovate, Elliptic
Leaf edge
Denticulate, Entire
Required Sunlight
Full Sun
Other Features
Drought tolerant