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Button Everlasting
Coronodium scorpioides

Button Everlasting is found in our Coastal Heathland along the coast. Like many heathland species it is relatively inconspicuous until flowering. It is a perennial herb but may die back in long periods of dryness and then re-emerge following rain. It also has an ability to sucker forming little colonies so that the flowers may appear as individuals or as a group.
Leaves are sessile, thickish and hairy at the base becoming smaller as they extend up the flowering stem.
Flowers are yellow, papery and held erect on long stems.
This plant thrives in moist, sandy soil but can tolerate summer dryness. As the common name implies the flowers are everlasting. Evidently it is a food plant for native caterpillars and butterflies.
Synonym: Helichrysum scorpioides

Plant form
Groundcover, Herb
Flowering season
Spring, Summer
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Light Green
The two sides of the leaf are different colours
Leaf shape
Leaf edge
Required Sunlight
Full Sun
Other Features
Drought tolerant, Damp tolerant, Insect pollinated