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Bundled Guinea-flower
Hibbertia fasciculata var. prostrata

Found in sandy heathland, this erect shrub, to about 30cm high, is the only guinea‑flower in the district that has its leaves arranged in dense clusters along the stem. The leaves are soft, hairy and extremely fine. The abundant, showy, yellow terminal flowers with five petals, which appear in late winter and early spring, are stalkless and are surrounded by two triangular bracts. The stems of the plant often bend close to the ground due to the weight of the leaves and flowers.

Available at indigenous nurseries.

Description and pictures care of Margaret MacDonald (Flowers of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet, ANGAIR, 2009).

Plant form
Flowering season
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Both sides of the leaf are one colour
Leaf shape
Required Sunlight
Semi-shade, Full Sun