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Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. monilifera

Boneseed is a perennial upright shrub that grows up to three metres and is native to southern African coastal areas.
It is easily distinguishable on the Jan Juc clifftops during spring when in flower, with bright yellow daisy flowers. The leaves are also easily identified, even at juvenile stage as they are rounded and toothed, often with a cobwebby material on them. Fruits are berry like, and green that turn to a dark purple or black with a bone coloured seed inside.
This species has been significantly controlled in the Jan Juc clifftops area with only isolated plants remaining that are removed each year. In other parts of the state this species is particularly problematic, especially the You Yangs where it has totally destroyed native vegetation in some areas.

Photos by Neil Tucker.

Plant form
Flowering season
Flower colour
Leaf colour
Both sides of the leaf are one colour
Leaf shape
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